25 Gifts under $25 for Horse Lovers

gifts for horse lovers

25 Gifts for Under $25 for Your Favorite Horse Lover * This post contains affiliate links.  See my discloser page for more information. Cute and Comfortable T-Shirt.  Works for any discipline. 2.  I’d Rather Be Riding Charm Bracelet.  Cute addition to any outfit! 3.  Because every horse lover also loves unicorns.  This unique fan pull … [Read more…]

A Holiday Tradition

The Holidays Are Coming The holidays are almost here!  Things will be drastically different this year now that Christmas will be just Kasey and me, but I am starting to get really excited. Last Christmas my relationship wasn’t healthy, we had fun, but there was definitely tension that lasted from Thanksgiving all the way to … [Read more…]

Our Two Year Farmiversary

Happy Farmiversary! This past June, we celebrated two years on the farm… Our Farmiversary!  To celebrate, my very talented sister, Kelly Michele, came out to do a photo shoot.  I had a blast with Lil’ Miss, the dog and the horses.  A lot has changed in two years, and I wouldn’t trade this crazy adventure … [Read more…]