A Holiday Tradition

The Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are almost here!  Things will be drastically different this year now that Christmas will be just Kasey and me, but I am starting to get really excited.

Last Christmas my relationship wasn’t healthy, we had fun, but there was definitely tension that lasted from Thanksgiving all the way to Kasey’s birthday in February. This tension ultimately lead to our separation in March.

So this year, I would like to start a new tradition, and continue an old one.

Every little horse girl knows what Breyer horses are, and probably had a collection of Breyers, or at least a few knock offs. Every year Breyer puts out a holiday collection and this includes a stirrup ornament.

2017’s ornament is just as beautiful and detailed as years past and I can’t wait to add it to our collection. I ordered mine already! And it is going to be really hard not to take it out and display in right away.

I always spend Christmas Even with my family, and this year will be no different.  After dinner is over, I look forward to coming back to the farm, leaving homemade cookies out for Santa, and putting Kasey to bed. I’m also excited to enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire and wait for Santa to arrive.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is going to be the best one yet! Each year Kasey has become more aware of Christmas and she has already started to make a list of things she wants Santa to bring her.

As kids, we always had to sit at the top of the steps, and wait while my parents got their gifts ready. My dad would always, and still does, make a big fuss and proclaim “Someone was here!”. And then it would be time to come down the stairs. Not sure how Kasey is going to feel about that… But I can’t wait to make this a tradition at our house too.

A New Tradition

Our custody arrangement has us splitting holidays and alternating years.  Its fair, but it doesn’t make things any easier.  The one part that I do like is that we are keeping Christmas the same every year.  Every year I will get to spend Christmas Eve with Kasey.  I hope that she is just as excited as I am.  I’m excited for a new tradition of a mother daughter Christmas Eve together.


christmas tree

Christmas 2016



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