Welcome to My Crooked Arrow!


My Crooked Arrow is a continuation of my journey.  This website and blog originally started as a site for my farm, Red Bell Farms, but after some unforeseen life events, the farm moved from my beautiful home, down the road and became Crooked Arrow Stables.  I am currently putting running my own farm on the back burner.  This has allowed me time to focus on my beautiful daughter, gaining confidence on Crank Mare, finding love, and FINDING MYSELF.  I hope you choose to follow me on this never ending journey, where it may take us.  Feel free to leave some comments, or send me an email.  Feedback and questions are always welcome.  Just remember to FOLLOW YOUR ARROW, even if the journey is a little CROOKED.

*I am still teaching!  If you are local and would like to book a lesson, free feel to email me for more information.




“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”
-Winston Churchill


horses ears